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Facilitating smooth operations in various industries, our conveyor belt systems are expertly installed for your needs


Efficiently commission your conveyor belt systems with our expert team, ensuring seamless and reliable operations


Keep your conveyor belt systems at their best with our expert maintenance services for uninterrupted operations

About Us

EM Assembly is your trusted partner for conveyor belt systems, offering a comprehensive range of services, including professional installation, meticulous commissioning, and unwavering technical support to keep your industrial operations running seamlessly.

At EM Assembly, our mission is to empower industries with cutting-edge conveyor belt solutions, dedicated to enhancing efficiency and productivity while meeting evolving needs.

Caring for our customers is a top priority at EM Assembly. We prioritize customer satisfaction, striving to understand and meet their needs effectively. Customers are our foremost focus, and we foster long-term partnerships to provide lasting value.


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We are committed to revolutionizing the intralogistics sector through cutting-edge science, technology and a relentless focus on efficiency and productivity.


We are committed to optimizing efficiency in baggage handling with cutting-edge technology to ensure smooth travel experiences and enhancing operational excellence.


We understand that optimizing your intralogistics operations is crucial to your business success. Our products are designed to streamline your warehouse processes, reduce labour costs and increase efficiency.


We work with unwavering focus on efficiency and productivity to ensure optimal operations and sustainable growth for manufacturing plants.